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  • Antonio vs Vanessa
    Two titans of mixed fighting, Vanessa and Antonio, finally meet and have a dynamic match in which the advantage swings wildly back and forth
    The match gets even more intense in this segment. Vanessa largely dominates the action at the beginning until Antonio finally manages to turn the tables on her. She escapes his hold with a bruising groin strike. These two seem to relish heaping punishment on one another, especially Vanessa, who makes good use of her bare feet against her skilled opponent.
    The furious battle rages on, with the advantage shifting between the two determined fighters.

    A brutal battle comes to a bitterly-fought conclusion. Both combatants score heavy hits on the other until a series of head kicks finally ends it
    Coral Sands is the downstairs neighbor of two roughnecks who are practicing for a "tough man" contest. When she asks them to hold down the noise, they impolitely refuse. This leads to all sorts of bare-fisted mayhem with Coral teaching her foes that they should have obeyed her in the first place. Also starring Leonard Davila and Peter Hill.
    Anna yearns to convert a personal passion for fighting into a paid occupation. She reveals this to her brother, Rudy, and then goes off with Q to pursue her fighting dream.
    Anna stars as a performer who's making a fighting video who becomes dissatisfied with her co-star's (Rudy's) efforts. This leads to an unscripted fight. Rudy takes exception to Anna's fighting abilities, but when he can't beat her himself, he calls in a skilled friend, played by Mike. Matters go from bad to worse for the guys as the video goes along.

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